Payroll Services

AccounTax Gives You A Complete Payroll Service

Each Pay Period:

You fax, email or call us with a report of payroll hours and changes and we then prepare:
  • Payroll checks
  • Employee earnings register
  • Check register
  • Payroll journal with MTD, QTD and YTD totals
  • Employee time sheet
  • Federal tax deposit coupon or EFTPS tax payments

Each Month

We prepare for you:
  • Monthly Department Summary
  • Federal tax deposit coupon or EFTPS tax payments
  • State Income Tax Withholding Return
  • Calculate Discount on State Withholding

Each Quarter

We prepare for you:
  • 941 Quarterly Federal Tax Report
  • State Unemployment Tax Return
  • Deposit for Federal Unemployment Tax
  • St. Louis City Withholding Tax Return
  • St. Louis City Earnings Tax Return

Each Year

We Prepare for you:
  • W-2s for Employees and Employer
  • W-3 Federal Withholding Recap Return
  • 940 Federal Unemployment Tax Return
  • Plus all supporting detail for the year

Additional Services

  • Workman Compensation Reports
  • 1099s for Independent Contractors
  • Direct Deposit is Available

Why AccounTax For Payroll Processing?

Lower Payroll Fees

We keep our payroll fees 15-30% lower than ADP or PayChex. This alone saves you Hundred of Dollars per year.

Lower Costs

ADP sends the payroll by courier and charges an extra $15 or more. We send your payroll checks by Priority Mail which costs only $3.50 Your average savings is $300 per year for a bi weekly payroll. or $600 per year for a weekly payroll.

Your Money Works For You

Many payroll services transfer the total payroll cost including taxes (taxes that may not be due for up to 30 days later) out of your bank account and into their account several days before your payroll date. Your money is working for them instead of you. AccounTax does it differently! We let you keep your money working for you and we let you benefit from any float. We process your payroll checks out of your checking account. The money stays in your account until the employee cashes their check or the payroll taxes are actually due.

Lower Accounting Fees

Accounting fees are lower for clients using our payroll service.

Lower Penalties

Penalties on payroll tax errors are 5 % per month or more plus interest.

Payroll Services

Please contact us at 314-842-1313 for current rates and offerings.  There is no extra charge for new hires, rehires, terminations, or other employee changes. Delivery or mailing is not included.

Payroll Service Sample Check

Click here for a PDF Sample Check!

Payroll Tax Forms

W-4 – Federal Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate

Must be completed by all employees and forwarded to the IRS

MO W-4 – Missouri Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate

I-9 – Employment Eligibility Verification

Must be completed by all employees to verify immigration status

W-9 – Independent Contractor ID Number

Must be completed by all independent contractors that you pay more than $599

SS-8 – Independent Contractor vs Employee Checklist for IRS

Used to determine correct status of your workers.